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What is a Safe Community?

A safe community is a place that is attractive to live, work and visit. A safe community is a liveable community, where people can go about their daily activities in an environment without fear, risk of harm or injury. It creates an infrastructure in local communities to increase action by building local partnerships and collaborative relationships.

Community safety is not only about reducing and preventing injury and violence. It is about building strong, cohesive, vibrant, participatory communities. Homes, the roads, public spaces and the workplace are safe for everyone to enjoy. This is exactly what the Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand (SCFNZ) does for community development – through leadership and collaboration, to create safer communities to work, play and live.

The majority of community-based injuries and accidents are preventable and predictable – it is this premise that forms the basis for everyone’s safety. Each community or local area is different - each safety approach meets the unique needs of the people, their goals and the community values, working together for better outcomes. SCFNZ specifically supports communities to adopt the Safe Community model and become effective advocates and enablers of injury and violence prevention.

As part of the process, all relevant parties are brought together to complete the safety review outlined by the Pan Pacific accreditation process. By linking all relevant parties, a safe community that stays safe is created. Safety is kept at the top of every community’s priorities by annual check-ups and reaccreditation every 5 years.

Join us on our Mission for Safety

For over ten years, the mission of Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand (SCFNZ) is to promote, support and inspire communities in New Zealand to create safer environments and increase the adoption of safer behaviours

Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand

As the visible champion in community-based injury prevention and safety promotion, Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand (SCFNZ) works for the people of New Zealand, by building local partnerships and collaborative relationships.

SCFNZ is a non-profit organisation with charitable trust status, so all funds go back into safety for the community.

The day to day management of the SCFNZ is the responsibility of the Director, and a Board of Trustees provides governance. SCFNZ has sustainable funding, efficient office systems and a team of dedicated staff and advisors.

SCFNZ has both the capacity and capability to provide ongoing services to the local, regional, national and international Safe Communities community. The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Health Promotion Agency (HPA) fund SCFNZ jointly.

Collaborative relationships is key to everyone’s safety

SCFNZ develops collaborative relationships with government agencies, Territorial Authorities, organisations and businesses to influence significant changes in community safety.

Community safety includes safe public places, road safety, violence prevention, injury prevention, reducing alcohol-related harm, safety at work, water safety, safety in the home and safety by design.

International Safety Standards

Based on international safety standards, Safe Communities is recommended as an effective approach by the World Health Organization (WHO). This initiative sparked community action around the world leading to Safe Communities through injury prevention and safety education. SCFNZ can draw on global research and resources in injury prevention, safety management systems and crime prevention through environmental design, for safe community development.

The SCFNZ is also a member of the Pan Pacific Safe Communities Network (PPSCN), which brings together Safe Communities from New Zealand, Australia, United States of America and Canada – working closely on injury prevention and community safety management systems. The PPSCN is currently in the process of developing official relations with the WHO.

Operating Authorities

SCFNZ is an Accrediting Centre of PPSCN and is a Safe Community Support Centre. The Safe Communities model is a World Health Organization (WHO) recommended approach. The PPSCN is working closely with WHO pending its designation as a non-government organisation (NGO) in an official relationship with WHO.

The Future of Safety

New Zealand currently has 24 Safe Communities covering 30 Territorial Authorities (as some were designated regionally), representing 55% of the population of New Zealand. The SCFNZ goal for a safe New Zealand is to increase the proportion of people living in an accredited Safe Community.