Not an accredited safe community?

Accreditation Process

When you hear the words Safe Communities, you hear ‘action’!

Safe Communities is a concept that recognises safety as ‘a universal concern and a responsibility for all’. The World Health Organization (WHO) views the Safe Community model as an important means of delivering evidence-based violence and injury prevention strategies at the local level.”This approach to safety management systems and injury prevention encourages well-being through greater co-operation and collaboration between non-government organisations, the business sector, central and local government agencies and creatively mobilises local community members to action.

Are you living in one of our Safe Communities?

Safety has been our number one concern for over 14 years. Accredited Safe Communities cover at least 26 territorial authorities throughout New Zealand, which equates to over 3.4million people living in safer communities because of the SCFNZ initiatives.

These Safe Communities have increased well-being, improved their injury rates through road safety campaigns, falls prevention initiatives, water safety, safety at work, safer public places, reduced alcohol-related harm and overall violence prevention.

The process to becoming an Accredited Safe Community is a collaborative one, in which SCFNZ offer guidance and support – we want everyone to live in a safe community.

You will be assigned a contact person within the SCFNZ who will help you adopt the Safe Community model and assist you throughout the whole process. Your application must demonstrate how you apply the following principles:

  1. Leadership and collaboration focusing on improving safety,
  2. The reach of the programmes,
  3. The safety issues concerning the most vulnerable,
  4. Analysis of current safety data with action plans on improvement,
  5. How the evaluation of the programmes will be conducted, and finally
  6. How the safety initiatives will be communicated and networked throughout the community.

Your contact person will offer feedback on your initial application, including opportunities for improvement and areas you may need to consider. The team of reviewers will review your final application. A review team will visit your community to witness the community safety efforts. A congratulatory ceremony will be conducted because this is great reason for celebration – keeping all residents safe in your community.