Not an accredited safe community?

Accreditation Process

When you hear the words Safe Communities, you hear ‘action’!

Safe Communities is a concept that recognises safety as ‘a universal concern and a responsibility for all’. The World Health Organization (WHO) views the Safe Community model as an important means of delivering evidence-based violence and injury prevention strategies at the local level.”This approach to safety management systems and injury prevention encourages greater co-operation and collaboration between non-government organisations, the business sector, central and local government agencies and creatively mobilises local community members to action.

How your local community becomes a Safe Community – the process

Send a formal letter to SCFNZ stating that your community is aiming to achieve the criteria for Safe Community accreditation within the next 3 to 12 months.

  1. Once a letter of intent has been received, SCFNZ will appoint a peer support person to provide ongoing practical advice to the community and invoice the community for the accreditation fee ($2000 for New Zealand applicants).
  2. Community completes the accreditation application demonstrating how the community has achieved each of the criteria for Safe Community accreditation.
  3. SCFNZ will conduct a preliminary assessment of the accreditation application. If the preliminary assessment deems that the application is not ready for formal review, SCFNZ will notify the community and outline the deficiencies - for example, criteria not covered or not adequately documented.
  4. If SCFNZ is satisfied that the application is ready for formal review, the community will be notified and peer reviewers will be appointed. The formal process will commence following receipt of all relevant materials. The peer review team will have three weeks to study and assess the application and any supporting documents.
  5. Each peer reviewer will submit a written assessment identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the application. SCFNZ will notify the applicant community and inform them of the next steps. This will take place within a week of completion of the formal review.
  6. Once accreditation has been approved, SCFNZ will work with the community to arrange a date for the site visit and celebratory accreditation ceremony.