Not an accredited safe community?

Tania Peters

Tania Peters is Director, Certifier and Trustee for the Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand (SCFNZ), and Chair of the Pan Pacific Safe Community Network (PPSCN). She is responsible for overall strategic direction and operations of the Foundation. Tania holds a Bachelor in Health Science and has undertaken post graduate studies in health promotion, health management and community development. Her expertise includes: Safe Community Model, advocacy, implementing population health initiatives, health promotion, community development, injury prevention, resource development and the implementation of evidence- based programmes.

Tania’s approach is to work collaboratively with community groups, non-government and government agencies, health and education professionals to influence policy, promote community safety, enhance the quality of life, and reduce the human and social costs of injuries. Tania is increasingly being recognised nationally and internationally as an effective collaborative leader in the field of community safety. Tania always welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge and expertise to influence change. She has been a certifier and peer review for in excess of 35 Safe Community accreditations.