Not an accredited safe community?

Safe Communities

A safe community is a place that is attractive to live, work and visit. A safe community is a liveable community, where people can go about their daily activities in an environment without fear, risk of harm or injury. It creates an infrastructure in local communities to increase action by building local partnerships and collaborative relationships.

SCFNZ was created to specifically support communities adopt the Safe Community model and become effective advocates and enablers of injury and violence prevention at community level. SCFNZ works with the existing and new community coalitions to:

  • Grow and strengthen community safety activities to
  • create safer environments and increase the adoption of safer behaviours.

  • Support and encourage community coalitions to
  • build their safety capacity and achieve accreditation and recognition under the international criteria.

    World Health Organization views the Safe Communities approach as an important means of delivering evidence-based violence and injury prevention strategies at the local level.