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About Us

Our Vision

Communities in Aotearoa New Zealand are safe, vibrant, resilient and connected.

He haumaru, hihiri, manahau me hono hapori i roto i Aotearoa.

Our Values

Approachable/Whanaungatanga and Connected/Kotahitanga

  • Participation and strong effective relationships, Collaboration is the heart of what we do
  • Flexibility and choice underpins our community support, being nationally led, but community delivered

Respect/Manaakitanga and Integrity/Tikanga

  • Demonstrate, honesty, respect and integrity
  • Embrace diversity (understanding) and accepting the differences of each community

Responsible/Kaitiakitanga and Proactive/Tūhonohono

  • Embrace innovation, in supporting strengthening community social impact
  • Evidence-based approach - on local and international best practice

What we do

  • Sustain and grow the Safe Community movement
  • Be an influencer to adopt wellbeing and safety practices
  • Build community social impact
  • Grow and diversify our sphere of influence
  • Strengthen Safe Community capabilities

How we do it?

SCFNZ is an Agent for Change working alongside communities to promote safety, wellbeing and resilience through:

  1. Relationship management: national and interagency engagement, local and regional collaboration, maintaining the network of networks
  2. Development and distribution of information and resources: national and international data, research, analysis and planning tools, evidence-based ‘best buys’.
  3. Personal and organisational development: webinars, workshops, regional and national hui, coaching and mentoring
  4. Communications: web-based, social media, zoom/skype, phone/email, site visits
  5. Marketing and promotion: ‘telling the stories’, building and raising the profile, advocating for funding and resources, bringing new voices and partners to the table.

The difference we want to make

Increased community capability and self-determination Communities have the skills, leaders and capabilities needed to drive and sustain positive local change to achieve their aspirations.

Increased synergy through developing collaborative relationships that can build critical mass and credibility.

Increased impact and reach One message many voices, resulting in the continuity of messages and interventions, and their sustainability.

Increased family and whānau resilience People have the skills, strategies and networks that they need to achieve and maintain wellbeing.

Increased inclusion and social cohesion Connections are built within and between communities, creating an environment in which people feel included and that they belong.

Increased social equity All people, families and communities can access safe housing, health, education, sporting and employment opportunities.

Enhanced community safety Improvements in perceptions of safety, the creation of vibrant yet safe environments, adoption of safer behaviours, increased wellbeing with a long-term reduction in severity and incidence of injury/violence/crime and alcohol related harm.



Safe Communities Foundation NZ - Overview