Not an accredited safe community?

What is a Safe Community

The Safe Communities concepts embodies the values and philosophies of whanaungatanga (relationships) manaakitanga (respect, care and support) and tino rangatiratanga (self-determination and autonomy). The Manifesto for Safe Communities states that “All human beings have an equal right to health and safety”.

A safe community is a place that is attractive to live, work and visit. A safe community is a liveable community, where people can go about their daily activities in an environment that without fear, risk of harm or injury. It increases social capital and community wellbeing by creating an infrastructure in local communities to increase action by building local partnerships and collaborative relationships. It is about wellbeing, building strong, cohesive, vibrant, participatory communities.

How many Safe Communities do we have in New Zealand ?

New Zealand has a well-established local, regional and national Safe Community network that supports wellbeing, placemaking, resilience and injury/violence prevention initiatives.Currently, just under 70% of New Zealanders live in an accredited Safe Community.There is no ‘one size fits all’ formula for Safe Communities.Each area creates its own structures, priorities and activities that are appropriate and responsive to local needs and conditions. See the full list of accredited Safe Communities, and their priorities, initiatives and outcomes.