Not an accredited safe community?


7 Nov 2016 12:00pm
In this age of technology and social media, when conference highlights and proceedings can often be easily accessed online, is it worth attending a conference? Is the value gained from attending worth the cost of time, money and effort? It certainly is, according to our New Zealand…
7 Nov 2016 11:45am
Fascinating presentation by Rod Mc Clure CDC: Systems Change “Injury is part of context and intervention is part of context- need to consider” Injury Prevention as Social Change McClure RJ, et al. Inj Prev June 2016 Vol 22 No. 3
7 Nov 2016 11:26am
In September, Tania Peters represented Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand at the 12th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion in Tampere, Finland. Participation in the PPSCN face to face meeting and attendance at the World Safety Conference provided an…